Croatian based all girl post-gazing trio ‘Tús Nua’ have unleashed a stunning new video to accompany their recently released single ‘Matches’, lifted off their forthcoming full length album ‘Dimensions Exist’. If you haven’t heard about these girls yet, ‘Tús Nua’ formed in 2014 & are currently based in Zagreb. They self-released their debut EP entitled ‘Existence’ in April 2015 and are currently recording their first full length LP which should be out by the end of the year. The band are made up of Jordi Ilić, Jelena Božić and Matea Milevoj with Lucija Potočnik playing bass for studio purposesThis latest single is available to buy/download from:

‘Matches’ swoons on stunning shoegazing atmospherics as its harmonious vocal track floats through the sonic ether on a swirling foundation of addictive lead guitar licks and undulating synth lines. Its steadying percussive attack holds everything in place, gracefully leading the listener into explosive tempestuous finale thats filled to the brim with dreamy post-rock promise!