Berlin based psychedelic noise/goth duo ‘Blackfawn’ have just announced a brand new single & accompanying video entitled ‘Hopes & Dreams’. The band are made of Alexandra & Daniel and they began life nestled within the underground alternative music scene in Malta before the two decided to move to Berlin. ‘Hopes & Dreams’ is the bands second single and it follows on from February’s stunning debut release ‘Generations 14’. It is available to buy/download right now from:


‘Hopes & Dreams’ shuffles on minimalistic sequenced drum patterns and a repetitive glitchy guitar line as hypnotic synth swells & throbbing bass frequencies meander menacingly in and out of earshot, carefully buffering that majestic vocal attack! The accompanying video is simply mesmerising! As it gently pulls you into Blackfawn’s golden hued, psych induced underground world. 

Recommended listening!