ARTIST: Dead Rabbits

RELEASE: Everything Is A Lie.

RELEASE DATE: 05/09/16

RECORD COMPANY: Fuzz Club Records

Southampton’s ‘Dead Rabbits’ have been wowing us ever since the release of their stunning debut album (The Ticket That Exploded) back in 2013, followed closely by their eponymous follow up (Time Is Your Only Memory) back in 2014. Their meticulous brand of infectious neo-psychedelia, blended perfectly with expressive shoegaze and driving post-punk has permeated down through the many layers of this modern day new school psych/gaze scene, influencing each new emerging band with their heady sonic brew. Now they have returned with brand new musical behemoth in tow. Fantastically titled ‘Everything Is A Lie’, this latest full length album gets its official release on the 5th September 2016 via one of the ‘Go To’ labels in this modern day fuzzy psych/gaze scene, the brilliant London based ‘Fuzz Club Records’.



The album opens up with the stunning ‘Everything Is A Lie’. This is a gargantuan warbling beast who’s percussive assault shudders and pulses on a reverberating wave of sonic delight. Its bass lines are addictive, underscored with soaring synth swells and melodic vocalisations that are all held fast within the whirlwind by shimmering layered guitar progressions. ‘Honestly’ arrives like a sullen child. It’s bass lines are incredible and full of post-punk promise whilst vocally this track is sublime and reminiscent (dare I say it?) of late 1980’s Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays). It’s a masterclass in song creation and probably my favourite track on this entire release. Up next is the albums lead single! ‘Get Me Over There’ rumbles and growls on a bed of fuzzy jangling guitars, swirling pulsating bass frequencies and skittish percussion as the howling vocals ride a raging sonic twister into the ether. It’s one of the best tracks this year by far and definitely recommended listening.

The album takes a subtle swerve into experimental territory on All Your Little Lies’. Pounding drums and screaming surf-psych guitars take centre stage as those brilliantly executed vocal progressions meander in and out of the hazy instrumentation. ‘Someday’ jangles into earshot on stabs of reverb induced guitars as melodious snaking bass frequencies creep between the drum hits like some huge stalking animal. Vocals wail as synths soar throughout the chorus parts, building in momentum as they rise, leading us into a surging sonic finale. The metronomic swing of ‘I Don’t Want To Die Today’ hypnotises us as it works through its musical gears, deftly building and adding to each sonic layer as it climbs. Vocally sublime and explosive at times ‘I Don’t Want To Die Today’ surges and culminates into an incredible maelstrom of sound.

The albums penultimate track is ‘That Was Then But This Is Now’. Melodically repetitive guitar lines meld with dark pulsating bass frequencies before another impressive vocal performance cuts through proceedings, dragging the steadying drum track with it. Swathes of reverb induced guitars attack the chorus as swirling, droning synth patches lurk menacingly beneath. ‘That Was Then But This Is Now’ thunders through the sonic landscape cutting massive swathes through layer after layer of expertly constructed reverberation. Screaming guitar squall and blistering feedback heralds the arrival of the albums closing track before we’re treated to pounding drums, melodic bass lines, soaring golden synth swells and a glorious vocal track. ‘You Already Know’ is a tremulous beast that takes no prisoners as it beats down on the senses and hypnotises you into submission. A stunning finale to an absolutely immense album.

Bravo ‘Dead Rabbits’……


‘Everything Is A Lie’ gets its official release on the 5th September 2016 and is available to pre-order right now from Fuzz Club Records.








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