TOK Live

Vancouver based experimental psych aficionado’s ‘The Orange Kyte’ have returned with their sixth single and possibly their best release so far entitled ‘International Caveman’. This single see’s the band continuing on with their sonic manifesto of releasing one new track per month in varying shapes & sizes! The band are made up of ‘Vancouver based but Dublin born’, Steve Moonboots & a revolving door of likeminded musicians. For this release the experimental band of psychonauts are: Guitar and vocals by Stevie Moonboots, Drums by Dave Mulvaney, Organ by Mat Durie (Summering), Bass by Robin Schroffel (Fashionism, Strange Things) & Tamborine/additional guitar by Felix Fung. This latest single is available to buy/download right now from:

The opening bars of ‘International Caveman’ swim in a murky psych induced sea as we’re treated to atmospheric thrills held fast within shady reverberating frequencies and a dark repetitive guitar line. The track builds as it works through its sonic gears, manoeuvring through layers of additional instrumentation before tambourines shake, baselines undulate and those cyclonic organ progressions add intense weight and help to bring soaring hypnotic psychedelic vibes to the entire track! The vocals are immense and cut through the hazy soundscape in its entirety, bringing a serine clarity to proceedings.

Lets not be fooled here – this is a stunning return from a band who continuously amaze! 

Recommended Listening!