In the ever evolving search for new music, I sometime’s come across release’s by different band’s from all over the world that come straight out of left-field and take me by surprise. One such band have created a blissful, thought provoking, whirlwind of sound on their 3 track debut release that is simply immense! Philadelphia based ‘The Morelings’ have re-created that late 80’s post-punk & dream-pop infused shoegaze sound that hark’s back to oldschool musical stalwarts such as The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Secret Shine & For Against, with relative ease. With stunning vocal arrangements sitting on top of epic wall’s of effected guitar’s, throbbing bass line’s and solid drum’s, ‘The Morelings’ are another blissfully brilliant band to emerge from the already amazing underground Philadelphia based post-punk/shoegazing scene.

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‘The Morelings’ are: bassist & vocalist Kedra Caroline, guitarist Matthew William and percussionist Chris Jordan. They released their stunning debut ‘No Sign’ to the masses on January 8th 2015.

The bands press release read’s “No Sign promises fifteen minutes of ethereal vocals, spacious gazey guitar, and intoxicating rhythms. The opening track, “Less,” both floats and drives with dream pop hooks, while the bass saturated 2nd track, “Too Far,” oscillating from washy chaos to arresting order, hypnotically defies formula. The title track, “No Sign,” explores the best of both of these worlds, as it juxtaposes The Morelings’ melodic sensibility with trip-hop bass lines, minimalist jazz-like drumming, soaring melodies, and chorus-drenched baroque guitar lines, reaching an almost cinematic sound”. It’s not wrong!

The ‘No Sign’ open’s with the the amazing ‘Less’. Possibly my favourite track on this epic release. This track will have you floating on a wave of sonic goodness from it’s opening note. What instantly hit’s you from the off is the band’s ability to take you by the hand and bring you back in time. With a traditional post-punk sound, glistening with beautiful dream-pop hook’s, ‘Less’ opens up into a maelstrom of guitar’s and explodes into that absolutely addictive chorus break. The bass line’s on this song are intricate and the drum track keep’s the whole show firmly moored to the ground, allowing Kedra’s immense vocal’s to soar high above the guitar’s. This is a stunning track with shoegaze flourishes just touching the tips of it’s wings. Check it out below –

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The second track on ‘No Sign’ is called  ‘Too Far’. It open’s with a haunting guitar line from Matt Kearis, and yes, I can hear subtle influence’s from ‘The Cure’, but also an almost ‘Cocteau Twins’ like vocal melody, courtesy of Kedra Kearis, float’s into the mix and takes this track in another direction altogether. Kendra’s vocal arrangement’s caress your eardrum’s with their ethereal beauty. This is another stunning track that will have you struggling to stay earthbound. You’ll feel the urge to float with it’s addictive melody & shoegaze infused cinematic soundscape’s. Check it out below –

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The closing track on this stunning debut from Philadelphia based ‘The Morelings’ is called ‘No Sign’. This is another shining example of a band in tune with their influence’s. It’s a polished track that compliment’s the production on this whole release brilliantly. The guitar line’s are clean, crisp and swirl around the track with aplomb. The bass line alone should be singled out for praise and the solid drum track keep’s this maelstrom of sound grounded throughout. ‘The Morelings’ have really captivated me with their music. I love how they tap into the sub-conscience of their listener’s with the vocal arrangement’s on this track alone. Kendra’s vocal’s are simply stunning!  Leaving all the post punk / dreampop reference’s aside, and it’s probably a contentious influence to mention, but the one band that I can hear throughout this final track is ‘Slowdive’. I can hear early ‘Slowdive’ all over it, and for me, it’s testament to how good this band are & to how good this release as a whole really is. Check it out below –

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The Morelings Official Press Photo

 ‘No Sign’  is available right now from ‘The Morelings’ band camp page HERE

Del Chaney – The Primal Music Blog – January 2015 – Dublin, Ireland.


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