Del Chaney and Primal Radio! Thank You! for the on going opportunity to share our endeavors with Shoegazer Sanctuary and many of the band’s/songs our members so diligently find on a daily basis. Please check out PRIMAL RADIO’S BROADCAST and intelligent “All Things Music” information filled website, first and foremost one of the best radio stations on the planet for Shoegaze and more!!

What is new in Shoegazer Sanctuary?! For this third edition of our Guest Playlist/Blog on Primal Radio I am happy to say that our Super group is growing in members everyday! People are joining at an astounding rate to share the music they love. The music sharing activity and conversation is intense! Bands like the following, new and well known, are being shared all the time by members that love their music! If you love Shoegaze or are just interested in what Shoegaze is and sounds like take our advice, JOIN! you will not regret it. When you think about it where else can you find so much music from a rare and incredibly, unbelievable sounding genre as Shoegaze? And also where can you find a concentration of so many other people that are addicted to the sound as much as you are and be able to chat with them and share the music you love?!?! One Amazing place would be Shoegazer Sanctuary!

Just an example of some great recently released music you will find, that is shared, in Shoegazer Sanctuary!

SWERVDRIVER (Current S.S. Featured Band!)
“I Wasn’t Born to Lose You” (10) track LP March 2015

“Last Forever” (9) track LP April 2015

“Salome” (11) track Album April 2015

Everything Else Matters (8) track Album Jan. 2015

These bands and member names below are just a fraction of the awesome bands shared in Shoegazer Sanctuary:

Melody’s Echo Chamber / Alexander Laurence
Braids / Fernando Rivera
Last Leaf Down / Emre Esen
Airs / Chris Broyles
Red Love / Fabrizion Lusso
Ride / Sandra Saitua
Car Crash Sisters / Cole Baynham
Cheatahs / Rich Buley
Blair 1423 / Novas Parez Valenzu
Seam / Norman Thody
Modern Time Machines / Diane Arcodia
Dream Suicides / Valter Jose Maria Filho
Salsa Cinderella / Patrice Gutschenritter
Human Colonies  / Warren Radnan
My First Days on Junk / Jeff Kosmal

Many Shoegaze bands are shared on a daily basis and a myriad more have been shared since the inception of our group. All shared music can all be accessed by using the “Search This Group” feature within the group itself. Our member base is not only growing in sheer music fan numbers, but also a considerable amount of Shoegaze band members are also part of our group! The archive of music is massive, thousands of Shoegaze songs literally at your finger tips. You can ask any member to help you find the music you want. The number of members that know their music in Shoegazer Sanctuary is astounding, in addition being to able to find out the intrinsics of the music, the Love every member shares for the genre is contagious. With this many Shoegazers all in one place the feeling of togetherness you will experience in Shoegazer Sanctuary when sharing the music you have found and by listening to other member’s shares is overwhelming. “Love The Music” is our motto and we are living up to it daily. Obscure Shoegaze is huge in Shoegazer Sanctuary I have a massive archive along with Chris Tressler (admin) and we are uncovering and sharing more obscure music every day, group members are discovering and sharing amazing amounts of rare and current Shoegaze daily as well.

The next two playlists are a testimony to how awesome our members are here in Shoegazer Sanctuary. The first playlist is a Member Created Playlist compiled by actual members of the group and the Second Playlist is one of many Obscure Shoegaze Song Playlists to come.  ……. Enjoy!


Richard Stott – Fleeting Joys “Go & Come Back”
Sheila Villarreal – Airiel “Cinnamon”
Joey K. (2) – Kinoko “Whirl Pool” and Novanta “Reasons”
Mellissa Holland – Televise “Smile”
James Patrick Harris (2) – Sound Pool “On High” and Ninth Paradise “Inner Maze”
Judy Sheehan – SPCECO “Something Anything”
Sean Dolan – Bright Channel “Light Workers”
German Lopez – Medicine “Aruca”
Patrice Gutschenritter – Maria False “Shadows”
Chris Tressler – The Florist “Middle of Winter”
Samuel Taylor (2) – 93 MMFTS “Take Me Away” and The Foreign Resort “Dead End”
Ben M – Amusement Parks on Fire “Venus in Cancer”
Hiroaki Endo – Coaltar of the Deepers “Good Morning”
Tom Lugo (3) – Perfume Tree “Virgin”, Bethany Curve “An Illusion” and Memory House “Lately”
Larry Menteleone (2) – The Verve “Beautiful Mind” and MBV “Lose My Breath”
Linda Carnegie – Gliss “Morning Light”
Matthew Clayton – Baby Honey “Love Bludger”
Jimmy Rushlome Richardson – Kitchens of Distinction “Drive that Fast”
JSG – Sleepwalk Circus “Freedom in One Second”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PLkv4XnS3fTACSYmfM_v6EVRrQJKZUjoZG&w=853&h=480]


Here are some examples of the ‘Obscurer’ shoegazing bands that you’ve probably never heard of before but that you’ll find posted regularly by our Members & Admins in Shoegazer Sanctuary.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PLkv4XnS3fTAA3FLMizAHB7o0D9nnhEVEd&w=853&h=480]